Portfolio ยป Community Hive

Community Hive is an online content aggregator that delivers updates from your favourite communities and helps you explore new ones.

Project Goals

We were approached to create a logo for this brand new service.

The client wanted to represent connections between multiple online communities but did not want to use any bee-like imagery.

Our Solution

Our solution for Community Hive’s logo design was both modern and sleek, with a strong emphasis on representing interconnectedness and branches of diverse communities. We achieved this by crafting a design that harmoniously merged lettering, creating a sense of unity and collaboration. These interconnected branches not only capture the essence of the platform but also provide a contemporary and visually appealing aesthetic.

The design’s modernity was further accentuated by carefully selected typography, contributing to a clean and contemporary look that aligns with Community Hive’s commitment to delivering an organised and user-friendly content aggregation experience.

By avoiding bee-related imagery, we successfully fulfilled the client’s request while creating a logo that effectively communicates the platform’s mission. Our solution represents the convergence of diverse communities, showcasing the interconnected nature of Community Hive and its ability to bring users closer to their favorite communities and exciting new ones.